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Best 5 Bhoot Wali Film – Bhoot Wali Picture

If you like watching ghost films, then you have come to the right palce. Hello friends, I will tell you about five such Bhoot wali pictures which will scare you a lot.

3Ragini MMS
41920 (bhoot ka picture)

13B – bhoot wali movie

13B movie Released on 3 March 2009, is still considered the best bhoot movie of Bollywood. This movie has an IMDB rating of 7.2 out of 10, which is also Best. Madhavan and Neetu Chandra play a lead roles in this movie. This Bhoot wali Film is written and directed by Vikram Kumar Who is an India Director And who is known for his works in Telugu and Tamil cinema.

13B movie Trailer

13B Story

The film’s story revolves around Manohar and his family. In starting we see that Manohar, (Role played by Madhavan) moved into a new apartment of 13B, on the 13th floor with his family. Manohar and his family watch a TV show and that show is based on his family. In this film, very strange things happen with them such as milk getting spoiled and the elevator in the apartment works for everyone except Manohar, which makes the audience very scared.

Manohar also notices that his camera takes mangle pictures while he is in the apartment, but not while he is outside from that apartment. And in the end Manohar dies. Watch the full movie to find out how Mohan died. Bohemia Biography also available in our site.

Main Roles of 13B movie (Cast) :-

  1. Madhavan – Manohar
  2. Neetu Chandra – Priya, Manohar’s wife
  3. Murali Sharma – Inspector Shiva

Lupt – bhoot wali picture

Lupt movie released on 2 November 2018. The film is directed by Prabhuraj. This movie has an IMDB rating of 7.8 out of 10.

Lupt movie Trailer

Lupt Story

This story is about a very big businessman named Harsh. He wants to be on top in his business and for this, even if he has to take someone’s life, he did not think even once.Harsh has a daughter who is a model and has a boy who is very funny And has a good wife. This is best bhoot wali picture, must watch one time in your life.

Harsh is very busy in his work, he keeps working day and night. That is why he starts getting sick and very strange things happen to him. He has a friend who is a doctor, she advises him to go out for a tour with the family. Harsh and his family plan to visit Nainital. On the way, they get caught in a very big jam. Sohar thinks that he should go through a shortcut, this is his biggest mistake.

bhoot wali picture
Bhoot wali picture

It is a very scary road and their tire gets punctured while going that way. A person is walking through the same path, whose name is Dev. Dev tells them that you can stay in my house for 1 day and Harsh agrees to that. Because he has no other option. Harsh and his family have moved into that house and very strange things start happening with them. This film is also very scary, watch it once in your life. So you can khow that what happened to Harsh and his family in that bhoot bangla.

Main Roles of Lupt bhoot movie (Cast) :-

  1. Javed Jaffrey as Harsh Tandon
  2. Vijay Raaz as Dev
  3. Niki Aneja Walia as Shalini Tandon
  4. Meenakshi Dixit as Tanu Tandon
  5. Rishina Kandhari as Geeta

Ragini MMS

Ragini MMS is bhoot wali picture based on true Story. It was released on 13 May 2011 And directed by Pawan Kripalani. Box Office Earning was 90 million(US$1.3 million)

Ragini MMS Trailer

Story Of Ragini MMS

The boy takes the girl to a deserted place for dirty weekend. He shot a dirty MMS of the girl. That MMS went viral and the boy disappeared. The girl says that there was a Gost at the place who killed the boy. Nobody believed the girl’s words. Because after that incident she had gone mad. The bhoot wali picture starts at Ragini’s house. Uday picks up Ragini and says let us go on weekends and they spends the whole day in the car and then finally reaches Uday’s house which is in a mysterious place.

Ragini’s mother calls him to find out him, But Ragini lies to her mother and disconnects the phone. So in this way they both of them go on dirty weekends. Ragini does not know that Uday will cheat on her and will make her MMS video and make it viral.In the end of the story the ghost kills Uday and Ragini goes mad. This movie is also very scary, so friends, I suggest you to watch this movie once in your life.

Main Roles of Ragini MMS (Cast) :-

  1. Kainaz Motivala as Ragini
  2. Rajkummar Rao as Uday
  3. Rajat Paul as Vishal


1920 hindi Bhoot Wali film was released on 12 September 2008, written and directed by Vikram Bhatt. This movie has an IMDB rating of 6.4 out of 10.

The story begins in 1920 as the name of this movie indicates. In starting we saw that an architect comes to a place called Palampur, India. He stays in a big mansion whose manager was MK. MK tells him that the owner of the mansion wants to break it down and build a luxurious hotel, but in the same night, an extraordinary force attacks the architect, who kills him. The shocking thing is that earlier an architect had also come and he too died mysteriously. The manager then calls the third architect, whose name was Arjun Singh, he was a great devotee of Hanuman.

Arjun was in love with a girl named Liza. Liza’s father was British and his mother was Indian. That’s why the family members of Arjun were against their Relationship. So Arjun decided that he would go to Mumbai and marry Lisa. But Arjun’s family catches him on the way and tries to burn Lisa alive but Arjun saves her. From that day on, Arjuna’s trust in God gets lost and he becomes an atheist. Arjun marries Alisha as soon as he comes to Mumbai. Then he gets the contract to break the mansion. After some days lot of accidents happen to Lisa.

This 1920 Bhoot Wali picture is also very scary. The whole film revolves around lisa, a lot of accidents happen with him and she is captured by ghosts. Watch the full movie so you know how Lisa recovers and how her husband helps her.

Main Roles of 1920 hindi film(Cast) :-

  1. Rajneesh Duggal as Arjun Singh Rathod
  2. Adah Sharma as Lisa Singh Rathod
  3. Anjori Alagh as Gayatri


Bhoot Film released on 12 October 2012. This movie has an IMDB rating of 6.5 out of 10. And which is directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar play the main roles in this Bhoot wali Film. This film was a supernatural horror film that would make you think whether ghosts are true or not? And those who die, they literally go away from this world or their soul comes back to take revenge in this world. Swati and Siddharth shift to a house in which a girl died. Then Swati’s body gets captured by the spirits, which is very difficult to get rid of them.

Main Roles of Bhoot Film(Cast) :-

  1. Ajay Devgn as Vishal
  2. Urmila Matondkar as Swati
  3. Fardeen Khan as Sanjay Thakkar
  4. Rekha as Sarita
  5. Nana Patekar as Inspector Liyaqat Qureshi

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